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Behance Portfolio Manager provides users the capability to integrate Behance Projects on their WordPress website and develop a neat, flexible and effective portfolio.

This Plugin helps in reducing the efforts required in project management. It picks up the project details from Behance server so that user can manage all their projects at a centralized location in Behance. User can present the portfolio on their website using different styles and views provided.


Portfolio Manager provides a lot of features for customizing project presentation on your website. Some of the key features include:

  • Responsive multiple styles for Mosaic/ Grid Views.
  • Responsive project view.
  • Categorization of projects.
  • Import all projects from your Behance profile.
  • Filters to show/ hide project specific information provided by Behance.
  • Tab customization for Mosaic/Grid view.
  • Different views(shortcode) to present single or multiple projects of specific or number of categories.
  • Add custom styling for the Project view.
  • Supports Visual Composer v4.1+.

SCREENSHOTS (How to implement This Plugin)

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